Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Download Google Earth for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - June 07, 2017

The whole world in sight of the bird. Now also with the oceans

The whole world on your screen. That's what Google Earth promises you. This is one of the most amazing applications you can find today. All the power of many satellites on your PC. A spectacular map database accessible with a single click.

Choose any place in the world and see it perfectly from above, then choose another place and travel as if you were flying over all the cities between those two locations.

It's amazing, and it's getting better every day. Now it also includes 3D cities, but that's not as impressive as seeing the streets with the Google Street View option that puts you in the middle of the street looking at the actual pictures of the streets included (which are getting more and more day to day) .

The layer system allows you to know a lot about the places you want: hotels, restaurants, gas stations, hospitals, monuments ... You can use Google Earth to know the distance between two points or to get directions.

Google Earth can be used for many purposes. It also includes wikipedia or Panoramio information, which means you can access information from different locations and photos uploaded by users.

How to install Google Earth for Mac OSX (HD)

Google Earth for Mac

Download Google Earth for Mac

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