Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Download Hugin 2011.4.0 for Ubuntu

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - June 20, 2017

Create panoramic images from two normal photos

Sometimes it faces an impressive landscape that deserves to be captured in its entirety with a panoramic shot. Unfortunately, not everyone has a camera capable of taking panoramic photos, but luckily there are other ways to achieve this.

Hugin is here to provide a solution to this problem. This open-source, multi-platform application takes two regular pictures and, through the use of pattern matching, unites to recreate a fully panoramic view.

This means that by taking two normal images, covering the entire scene you want to capture and having several common focal points, you can join them together to create a single panoramic view.

Hugin offers the option of creating panoramas manually or through its wizard function, which really speeds up the task. In addition, you can make various settings, classified by type, in the two windows that are displayed in the program interface.

Hugin Simple Tutorial

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