Saturday, 3 June 2017

Download Scratch 2.0 for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - June 03, 2017

A programming language aimed at children

Scratch is a children's programming language that allows even young children to become familiar with computers and application development.

Scratch replaces the source code of the program with a set of predefined instructions that can be dragged and dropped within the development area. Instructions such as loops and control phrases like 'yes' or 'case' are used to nest the rest of the operations in a graphical way.

Each group of commands corresponds to a color code. Thus, those who deal with the movement are in blue; Those who deal with sound, purple; And those who deal with control, orange.

In addition, some instructions allow variable perimeters, which are possible to see numerically on the surface. You can use the sprites included with the application or draw your own from the drawing window of the program.

Scratch is designed to complete small programs, although on your website you will also find some really impressive projects.

how to download scratch for mac and pc

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