Thursday, 15 June 2017

Download Trinus VR Server 2.0.6 for Windows

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - June 15, 2017

Turn your Android into a virtual reality headset for PC gaming

Trines VR offers you the possibility to use your Android smartphone as a virtual reality headset that you can use with your PC games, taking advantage of the gyroscope that is integrated in these devices. To use this application, you must install the official client through the application, as well as the software that allows you to connect your smartphone to your desktop computer.

Once the program is installed, you can configure many different parameters, such as signal quality (you must balance graphical power with response time) and other equally important factors such as gyroscope calibration and input simulation.

With both devices connected to the same network, you only have to start both applications simultaneously to be synchronized. By default, the screen displays the window you have open, although there are several other settings specific to each game. In any case, you can play games like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto without any problem, among many others. Since the gyroscope can track the movement of the head, this application is perfect for first person action games, but also includes other settings that make it work with other types of games.

Setting up trinus VR with Google cardboard for PC games

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