Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Download Viber 6.7.2 for Windows

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - June 13, 2017

The desktop version of the popular chat and VoIP application

Viber, the popular instant messaging and VoIP application for mobile devices, also has its own desktop client for Windows and Mac, which greatly increases the flexibility of this widely used free communication tool.

This is new software that is compatible with the various mobile versions available from Viber and offers you a complete and fully functional alternative that allows you to communicate with your contacts, send and receive calls and messages regardless of the device you are on.

The only fixed requirement is that you already have the Viber application preinstalled on your mobile device, either Android or iOS, in order to synchronize your account data and view all the data assigned to your phone number, including contacts and history. Chat Once you install the application on your computer, the only thing left to do is to log in with your registered ID.

The desktop version includes all the features of the original application, such as the option to make voice or video calls, or send stickers or other files in their chats. And all these features are cross-platform, which means that automatic synchronization between devices so you can continue with chats on your smartphone that you have started on your PC, and vice versa.

Viber is a very useful application that allows users to save a lot of money on calls.

install viber on your pc

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