Saturday, 15 July 2017

Download easyMule 2.0.0 for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - July 15, 2017

Accelerate P2P downloads with this new file sharing program

EasyMule is an open source project that intends to give live to one of the most famous P2P clients we have used: eMule.

The main objective of easyMule is to simplify the interface of eMule, the second objective is to accelerate downloads for all users with low ID.

You have removed some of the original tabs and options, for example, you will not have to manually connect to a server because it will do so automatically.

Search for a file, select it and expect it to download as fast as easyMule can. Of course, you will be able to access statistics to know how things have gone.

Finally, it also includes a new feature that protects your hard drive from multiple unnecessary accesses.

how to use eMule

2.0.0 for Mac

Download easyMule 2.0.0 for Mac

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