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Download Skim 1.4.28 for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - July 15, 2017

Take all types of notes in PDF documents

A person who works with documents usually does three things: underline the elements, highlight the concepts using different colors, and make notes on paper. Imagine being able to do all these things on your computer. Well, yes, it is possible. The name of the program that allows you to do it is Skim, which is a complete PDF reader with a wide range of note taking functions.

The shape and color of the notes you can make will remind you of a typical post-it. You can paste them where you want and adjust their size.

There are two types: one that appears at the top of the document and another that is represented by a small icon that stores the entire contents of the note. The second option is great when the note text is quite long. The other things you can do with this program are: underlining, crossing things, highlighting text, circling things to point out concepts, etc.

The tree view on the left shows the relationship between the different pages of the document. On the right, shows the relationship between notes, arrows, underline, circles, and all other objects you have inserted into a page.

How to Use Skim for Mac

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