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Download Unity 7.2.2 (64 bits) for Ubuntu

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - July 18, 2017

An elegant and modern interface for the Gnome desktop

Although Ubuntu mainly uses open source programs from other projects, its creators also make their own contributions to this repertoire of GNU / Linux open source tools.

Take the Unit. It is an interface for the Gnome desktop that aims to make application and system file management easier and more direct.

Its most innovative element is the dock, a sidebar that lists the most used applications, as well as open windows, something similar to the Mac OS X dock or Windows 7 Superbar. In this case, the spring allows a more visual management that is even compatible with tactile gestures.

The Gnome main menu has been replaced by a universal launcher type that gives you access to all system applications along with management tools. It includes a real-time item search and a route indicator similar to those built into file browsers.

Another interesting feature of Unity is the ability to use more screen space when displaying maximized windows. When you maximize a window, the close, minimize, and maximize buttons are relocated to the top bar, in the same location where you will find your clock and other indicators. The application menus also come here. This way, when a window is maximized, the window's title bar merges with the top bar, giving you more space to work with the active window.

Undoubtedly, Unity will be a product of Canonical's signature, and it should capture everyone's attention as it debuts new forms of operating system management.

Getting Started with Ubuntu's Unity Desktop.

7.2.2 (64 bits) for Ubuntu

Download Unity 7.2.2 (64 bits) for Ubuntu

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