Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Download Vectr 0.1.14 for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - July 25, 2017

A powerful tool for creating and editing vectors

Vectr is a recommended program for creating and editing vector images using a simple and elegant interface specially designed to allow any user to start working in a matter of minutes.

Before you start using the program, you will need a Vectr user account, which you can create in seconds with a social login from Google or Facebook. Once you've started, you can dig with the vectors. Or you can choose to work as a guest without creating an account, although you will not be able to save your work in the cloud.

Within seconds of starting to use Vectr you will notice that you are dealing with an easy-to-use program. Any user who has worked with another image editing program will have no problem understanding most of their controls. To the left of the interface is your list of layers and pages, and to the right your contextual tools. From the toolbar, as usual, you can create any new shape.

Vectr is a great tool for creating and editing vectors with a wide variety of features within a practical and easy to use interface. Once you have finished with any project, simply save it in PNG format directly on your hard drive.

Vectr Interactive Lessons :: Getting Started

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