Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Download ViewPic 1.2.0 for Mac

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - July 25, 2017

An amazing image editor and viewer for Mac

ViewPic is an excellent image viewer for Mac. With it, you can view all your images in an incredibly fast and simple way, and in a wide variety of formats.

Start by dragging any image to the main application window. From there, you can access it and the rest of the images that are in the same place as the one you chose. In this way, you can easily work with images on your desktop, in a certain folder or in your downloads. It's an incredibly useful feature that makes it much easier to work with images on your computer.

Once you have the image you want to open in the application, you can edit, crop, save, or delete it. This application stands out for its incredible speed and ease of use. If you want to manage your images as a professional, ViewPic is the perfect application for you. In a few seconds, you can see all the images in a certain folder, edit the images you need and delete the photos that have their fingers in them or selfies taken by your best friends.

Basically, it is an incredibly effective tool that is ideal for optimizing the way you manage your photos and images.

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