Thursday, 10 August 2017

Download 5KPlayer 4.6 for Windows

Posted By: Pankaj Softmozer - August 10, 2017

An all-in-one media player

5KPlayer is a multimedia player that can capture any file. With it, you can watch your videos, listen to music, play CDs and DVDs, and listen to the radio, all without having to install several tools that basically do the same. Instead, you can finally enjoy all your multimedia elements from a single tool.

The 5KPlayer interface was designed so that all its functions are available to users from a single window. In this way, you can access any of them without having to open or close other windows. In addition, its features are varied and can handle: video, DVD, music, radio, YouTube and AirPlay. This last function only works when you have a device connected to your machine and only plays a media item that is stored in your memory or on your other machine.

Not only that, but with 5KPlayer, you can create your own multimedia library so you can play anything without having it connected to your desktop. So when you save movies, series, family content, songs or YouTube videos, among other options, you will automatically find them in your 5KPlayer library.

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