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Advanced Task Killer

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Advanced Task Killer  Free Download

Terminate several programs quickly

Advanced Task Killer works like the Windows Task Manager on Android phones. With the freeware you completed several programs with a tap and creates space in memory.

After installation are accessed via a small icon in the menu bar, click Advanced Task Killer. The software performs all running programs on a list. By check, you determine which applications should be closed and the selection with a finger tip to Kill selected apps .

In the options to add certain applications of the so-called Ignore list add apps and closes the list. About the auto kill feature complete Advanced Task Killer running but not active programs automatically on request. Advanced Task Killer completed in the default setting, no major system components, the security settings, you can change this if required.

Advanced Task Killer provides space in memory. If many parallel processes slow down the smartphone, free software helps you quickly and easily. Who changes the security settings, but should be well versed with the Android system.

  • easy handling
  • closed as many programs at once
  • Exclusion List
  • Changes to the security settings can damage the system


Advanced Task Killer  screenshot