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Camera 360 – The photo studio in your hand

Last Updated on : 10/24/2013

Special effects of camera360 make your moment more special. The free software extends the Android camera to numerous functional and provides an effect for HDR images. With more than 150 million users globally, Camera360 now has become the most popular mobile camera app in the world. Great news is that this app is now also available for all those Windows Phone users. So user now can finally enjoy everything that Camera360 has to offer. Camera 360 loads up almost twice as fast as your device inbuilt camera can. It is enough to count camera360 as smarter app .Less time effective effects but this is only the beginning of features. Camera360 have many more functions to offer. It even seems smarter when it comes to light and focus. With various numbers of modes this app makes your captured photos more attractive. Diverse collections of modes are normal, shift colour, funny, scenery, effects, Tilt-Shift and many more.

Using effects user can give various effects to their snapshots like Lomo effects, Lightcyan, dream effects, etc. Even you can make your photo to look like 150 years old by using “back to 1839” mode. This is the refreshing effects among all other presented effects.

In Funny mode this app offers some engaging options. User can make own sketch using Line Sketch. Yes this feature of camera 360 makes your snapshot look like a pencil drawing. Surrealist Painting serves in the same way but with detail info. Both are great and charming effects.

Using Scenery mode you will be able to put pictures into a template and then can apply an effect. A template of a man painting on the street is the only present template by default but you can increase your template collection by downloading it from the market. In this mode your photo will looks like a half-finished painting.

Now you are able to focus some particular face in your snap and make rest of the picture (background) blurred .Tilt-Shift is the function which serves you this function. This is really a cool effect that makes your photos look as if they had been shot with a much higher-end camera. All of these modes have different focus options also the touch to focus option is present. Using colour-shift, Camera360 highlights the colour of the main object, and displays the rest of the image in black and white. In addition, the software even provides a self-timer and a stabilizer. Moreover now your Images can ship directly from the program in Social Networks or by e-mail if you have camera360 installed.

Camera 360, gives you an option to save the processed picture and the original image at the same time. Yes now your original picture is also preserved. It is not present in many other camera app so we can say it’s a great addition. The very unbelievable this is its quickness. App hardly takes seconds to apply effects. Even with some of the most complex pictures, it's still take hardly a second before you can take another shot.

Within the settings you can find various options which enable you to customize your shot according to your desire. Using camera360 you can even browse the directory path for your saved images.


  • Cool app. Makes pictures alive.
  • A lot number of free effects
  • send photos directly to social networks


  • Number of controls may create confusion
  • Pro version is not free. User have to pay to enjoy all the effects.


There is no real weakness present in Camera 360, frankly. User can set it as their default camera. But you have to use an icon on the home screen. It’s not the end of the world. Some of the effects might need little tweaking, but most are very solid. The free version is very good. So it’s definitely worth a try. But if you desire more effects then you have to pay for the Pro version ($3.99).

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