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Turn friends into scary zombies

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Priya Jha


Zombie Booth transforms friends into scary zombies. The free app for Android phones made from photos of faces of zombies - including additional surprise effects.

To turn a person into a zombie, you take a photo with your Smartphone or select an existing portrait and just click a button Zombie Booth and the unfortunate victim turn into a truly horrifying figure. Zombie Booth is an amusing way to immediately make your face into 3D, lively zombie. Zombies will wink, grimace, and breathe. They will try to damage your finger if you go too close.

Zombie Booth is an enjoyable mode to immediately compose your face into 3D, dynamic zombie.  Zombie Booth makes any 2D picture completely 3D.  It helps you to create a vast collection of 3D, animated zombies from pictures of you and your associates.   Zombies will wink, frown, and take breath.  They’ll even try to desolate your finger if you get too close. User can Share zombie pictures through Email. It helps you to convert a sole picture into an interactive zombie and that will respond to your beating and swiping gestures. It might even seek to nibble off your finger. User can transform into different zombies just on one shake.




Zombie Booth is a scheming portion of photo manipulation and changed the images into slavering 3D monsters. User can click a new photo or can use an existing photo from phone’s gallery.
The course of action takes a small amount of time to perform, but the results are worth it. Zombie Booth scans each photo so that it can easily attribute to convert users photo into zombie like such as decaying tissue and a huge, blood-soaking set of teeth and adds a 3D outcome to the image.


  • reasonable effects
  • The photos have  an existence
  • reacts to touches


Swap takes a wide period for weak mobile



Zombie Booth is enjoyable and brings even persons with slight awareness in zombies to stun. This  app turns each into a  zombie and ensures a high scariness.


ZombieBooth  screenshot