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Tiny Umbrella

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software that can be restored when you want to lower version of iOS

Tiny Umbrella (Tiny Umbrella) is for Mac free utility that allows you to restore the firmware on the iPhone 3GS.

Tiny Umbrella is software that helps when you want to downgrade to an earlier version on the iPad and iPhone. Typically, authentication of Apple is required to restore the iOS. Also, when you upgrade once, It's based on the idea that you can not downgrade. Tiny Umbrella, you can file in which to save the content authentication, and then store the iOS in the past as "collateral" so to speak in that you save the SHSH file.Downgrade because it becomes impossible and it has been fully updated before you save to Tiny Umbrella this SHSH file, you need to be careful. In addition, authentication is different in each each device and should not be used to put the SHSH file a lower version of myself for friends and acquaintances having a problem, and to take advantage of it.

When you activate the Tiny Umbrella, screen divided into three tabs "General" "Log" and "Advanced" in the center is displayed. appears, displaying the "CONNECTED DEVICES" to the left-hand screen and connect the (iPad or) iPhone, you can recognize the device. When you click on a device that has been recognized, the right side of the screen "Save SHSH" will become active, to complete the save and click.

TinyUmbrella is useful to restore the firmware, but you can not because Apple did not make the issue of ECID SHSH of the past, just as you would save with the new.

TinyUmbrella is software that very helpful to restore the firmware on iPhone 3GS, but it does not revert to a previous version of it has been fully upgraded to iOS latest in principle, it is recommended that you make careful attention to upgrade .

The latest updates

  • Updated for 5.0.2 appletv2 & 3
  • Updated for 6.0 all betas
  • No more pkg installer for OSX
Nice thing
  • The essential to downgrade
  • It is recommended to store the current version
Point regrettable
  • If you can not easily done is safe and not necessarily always be authenticated, down grade so very difficult


Tiny Umbrella  screenshot