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How to remove Windows 10 upgrade notification

How to remove Windows 10 upgrade notification

People all over the world are complaining how they woke up and found they have been forcefully upgraded to Windows 10, even after saying no to the upgrade notification. This forced upgrade has left people upset because many of these computers are not compatible with Windows 10 at all and they run in to no boot situation. If you are using Windows 7 or 8.1 and you have the notification icon for Windows 10 upgrade very soon this nightmare can happen with you. But do not worry, today we bring you a easy to use method using which you can remove the notification as well as prevent the forced upgrade. Open your browser and paste this link in the address bar-

ultimate outsider web 

You will see the ultimate outsider website, scroll down and click on the image that says “Download GWX Control Panel”.

Download GWX Control Panel Button 

You will be redirected to another page to download the control panel, which is the very first option. Click on it to download the GWX Control Panel app and run it. 


You will see a panel and which you need to click the mentioned buttons. 


1 - Prevent Windows 10 Upgrades - Feature fixes the "Your upgrade to Windows 10 is ready" problem in Windows Update.

2 - Delete Windows 10 Download Folders - Feature locates and deletes hidden Windows 10 installer files that Microsoft secretly downloads to your computer. 

3 - Disable 'Get Windows 10' App - Feature removes Microsoft's "Get Windows 10" aware app from your notification area.

4 - Delete Windows 10 Download Programs - Removes files and background tasks known to cause Windows 10 upgrade symptoms

5 -  Click to Clear Windows Update Cache - This step is sometimes necessary to remove some lingering Windows 10 notifications from your Windows Update.

6 -  Enable/Disable Monitor Mode - Feature runs quietly in the background watching for unexpected system changes regarding updates notifications and inform the same.  GWX Control Panel would perform the requested actions and once Restarted the computer, Notification and relative updates to windows 10 will automatically be removed from the computer.

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