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Slow Wi-Fi troubling you? Here’s how to fix it

Slow Wi-Fi troubling you? Here’s how to fix it

Wi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN (WLAN) network and has emerged as the single most popular means that powers most of the homes, businesses and public hotspot networks. It’s the tech that allows you to work from anywhere anytime, but it’s the same thing that can bring out your tears when it begins to crawl. But its not always the network that is to be blamed for slow speeds, if you understand what all factors play an important role in Wi-Fi functioning, you can find ways of fixing it as well. 

Router Positioning Picking a good spot for positioning the router is a crucial step, even a small shift in position could make a considerable difference in reception. To extend the Wi-Fi broadcast range, the router should be placed as high as possible away from all distractions and interferences. ` Besides this materials like concrete and metal are blockers of Wi-Fi waves so make sure that router is not blocked by any material especially electronic devices.  Also people tend to place routers in basement which is a very bad idea considering that basement is enclosed by lot of concrete. Also the distance between the device and the router matters a great deal. So the best option would be to place the router practically as close to the device as possible, or you can place the router at the center of your home for a 360 degree reception. In case your house is big then for greater coverage you can use Wi-Fi range extender or repeaters. 

Wireless Interference Besides your Wi-Fi signal there are wireless signal all around you at all times from electronic devices, cell phone towers and other Wi-Fi routers. Although these signals are at different frequencies these can still cause a significant interference. The Microwave ovens operate at a frequency close to the Wi-Fi band and at times can overlap the Wi-Fi frequency thus interrupting the data flow. Bluetooth, the another best way of wireless data transfer, believe it or not operates in the same frequency as Wi-Fi does and in spite of all protection can still interfere with the Wi-Fi band. So its advisable to place your router away from Microwaves and Bluetooth devices. 

Channel Interference Today every household has a Wi-Fi connection. These router operate at 2.4 GHz frequency which can lead to overlap of frequencies from two routers. This problem increases all the more because of complex housing structures in close proximities. Therefore selecting a good channel in your router settings is crucial. Modern routers can choose channels automatically and that’s a great thing. Try to keep passwords on your router that are difficult to break because people may get onto your network without your knowledge. So keep your router up to date and keep regular check for devices on your network.

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