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Windows 10: Change settings of Windows login screen

Windows 10: Change settings of Windows login screen

With Windows 10, the login screen has been face-lifted completely. The background is gorgeous and displays your personal information such as your name and your email address, which can be an issue of concern for some people. But there are settings that can be changed to take care of these privacy concerns. To remove your email from being displayed on the login screen go to Settings-->Accounts-->Sign-in options and then turn off the settings called ‘Show account details on sign-in screen’. You will notice that the email address will be gone from the login screen. Further if you do not wish to display any information on the sign-in screen, there are settings in the Group Policy Editor that can be tweaked to achieve this feat. 

group policy  

Navigate to Computer Configuration-->Windows Settings--> Security Settings--> Local Policies--> Security Options. Then enable to following setting- ‘Interactive Logon: Do not display user name’. This setting will remove all information previously used for login and next time onward you will have to enter username as well as password every time you wish to sign in to the computer. 

no login details

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