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Windows 10: Enable the Hibernate option

Windows 10: Enable the Hibernate option

The users of Windows 7 have been using the hibernate option, which is a power saving option designed specifically for laptops which once activated saves all your open documents and running files to your hard disk on a file named hiberfil.sys. When you come out of the hibernate mode you will be able to continue with your work at the exact point where you left it. Now when Windows 7 users upgrade to Windows 10, there is no hibernate option. You get the shutdown, restart and sleep options and that’s all, but people might want to have the hibernate option back. For such people we bring a way to enable the hibernate option and this method will work on any version of windows. So let’s start. Type and search for ‘Power Options’ in Cortana and from the list select Power options (control panel) 

PO search  

Next from the left d=side of the page click on ‘Choose what power buttons do’. 

chose what  

Then click on ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable’. 

change sett  

Then in the Shutdown settings section, scroll down and check the box in front of Hibernate. 


Save the changes and then exit out of power settings. Click on the start menu on the desktop and go power. You will be able to see the Hibernate option there. 

hibernate enabled 

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