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Windows 10: Learn How to turn off Quick access view?

Windows 10: Learn How to turn off Quick access view?

Ever since its launch Windows 10 has been exciting the tech world with its new and updated features that help you make work easy and streamlined. Its features combine the ease and familiarity of Windows 7 with the functionality of Windows 8. But for many everyday users these features can be intriguing and difficult to navigate through. So we will be bringing tutorials for your ease of navigation though Windows 10 and also if you have any questions you may let us know. So today we are going to focus on File Explorer. 

Now File Explorer is your guide to your computer as you access most of the things on the computer through this wizard. Now the Windows 8 users are accustomed of seeing the File Explorer with ‘This Computer’ option but in Windows 10 File Explorer default is set to ‘Quick Access’ that displays recently used files and folders. Now this Quick Access view is really great as its gives you easy access to files that you were using recently. 

This file can be anything like a movie or a song or a word file and you can access them again from this location. But for people who want the File Explorer to appear in its Windows 8 style can follow the directions given below to change it. Open File Explorer and select View from the top ribbon. Just below View a new broad ribbon will appear and on this ribbon at the right side will be a utility named ‘Option’ with a little arrow pointing downwards. Click on the arrow and open ‘Change folder and search options’ to launch the Folder options window. view option 

In the General tab look for ‘Open File Explorer to’ and on the drop down next to it change to This PC instead of Quick Access.


Then click on Apply and then OK to confirm settings. Close File explorer and launch it again. You will notice the first thing that comes up is This PC and the drives of the computer. Now the quick access will still be there as it is a part of windows feature and cannot be completely removed but the view can be changed that instead of opening with Quick Access File explorer opens with This PC

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